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DeRivera Park is 5.4 acres of waterfront land set aside for the use of the public In downtown Put-In-Bay. The park is part of a trust set up by the original owner of the island Joseph DeRivera St Jurgo. The park features a gazebo, rustic stone fountain a number of memorials ample picnic tables and a wonderful area for children to play.The park is here for all to enjoy and we provide trash receptacles for our visitors to use as well as mutt mitts for those of you with furry friends. If you bring your pup with you make sure you stop by the dock office where you can pick up a treat for them. Please remember it is with everyones help that we are able to maintain this wonderful space for all to use, please help us to keep it clean.

Put-in-Bay Public MarinaParklands When Joseph DeRivera St. Jergo first decided to devide up the island he felt his community needed a church, a school, a cemetery, and a park. In order to be assured that his park would be here for the public enjoyment of all the DeRivera Park Trust was chartered. The trust formed in 1866 is run by three trustees that review and make policy decisions relating to the park operations. An administrator/head dockmaster controls the day to day operations. On behalf of the trustees as well as our dedicated staff, we welcomes all to this wonderful gift to the island. The park is maintained by revenue generated from B dock, which for the most part, is our only source of funding.

This fountain, made from cement and local stone, is a beautiful, traditional, natural fountain. It was originally built for the park by 3 local business men, over time it has been lighted as well as filled with fish. At this time the fountain is more of a wishing fountain with all coins being donated to our local EMS.

Put-in-Bay Public MarinaPlayground and Picnic Area
There is a set of 4 swings designed for the very young Right next to it is a picnic area with 2 grills. We also have a larger grill down by the memorial. We also have a seal and dolphin for the kids to play on. For our older kids on the eastern end of the park there is a full play system with many slides, a fireman's pole suspended walkways, and many items for climbing enjoyment. Most every day at lunch time you will fine the area buzzing with many kids enjoying the day.

DeRivera Park has a large gazebo available for public usage. It is available for weddings or other gatherings, the cost for usage is $75.00 You need to call the office And fill out paperwork before usage. The inside of the gazebo is 19' in diamater and has 4 benches around the perimiter.

After the Battle of lake erie the bodies of 3 officers from both the british side as well as the ammerican side were burried in what would become derivera park. They were burried beneath a lone willow. When ther perrys monument and international peace memorial was erected the bodies were exhumed and moved from the area beneath the willow to an area below the rotunda. This cannonball memorial marks the spot where the officers were origionally laid to rest.

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